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Tioga Lateral

​​​​​​​​​​​Alliance's Tioga Lateral in North Dakota is an 80-mile long, 12-inch diameter pipeline. Associated facilities include a meter station and compressor stations adjacent to producer facilities. The pipeline runs from a gas processing facility near Tioga and ties in to the Alliance mainline near Sherwood.

The federally regulated Tioga Lateral pipeline provides rich gas transportation infrastructure to move 126.4 million cubic feet (mmcf) of gas per day. The gas that the lateral pipeline ships is produced in association with oil production throughout the Williston Basin; gas that might otherwise be flared or vented into the atmosphere due to a previous shortage of pipeline infrastructure. The Tioga Lateral helps ensure that clean-burning natural gas is transported from the Bakken region to markets where it is needed.

Route ​​​Map​

The Tioga Lateral route commences near the town of Tioga and terminates near the town of Sherwood, North Dakota.

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