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Emergency First Responders

For Emergency First Responders

Alliance has one of the best safety records in the industry

In the unlikely event of an emergency, Alliance personnel are trained and prepared to act quickly in concert with local first responders.

Emergency Response

Alliance is committed to the safety of our communities

We are dedicated to being a safe, reliable and environmentally responsible transporter of natural gas.

Recognizing a Leak

In the event of a pipeline emergency, know the warning signs

Remember: if it's too hot or too loud, you're too close. If you suspect a leak, immediately leave the area on foot. Call 911 and follow their instructions.

In the unlikely event of a pipeline emergency, as a local first responder, you will probably be the first on scene. To help you respond to such an event ​we have developed a Guide to Pipeline Emergenc​ies For First Responders & Emergency Planners​​.

We will facilitate and participate in tabletop or full-​scale exercises to help you practice pipeline emergency ​scenarios. Please contact your local Alliance office​ if you are interested in setting up a meeting or accessing additional information.​​

Detailed Emergency Response Plans are available u​p​on request. Please contact ​Dan​ Munthe​​, Emergency Response and Compliance Coordinator​ at 952-983-1032.​​​​