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​Learn more about Alliance, our pipeline, and proje​​cts

Alliance Pipeline regularly presents at industry conferences – you'll find industry and market information as well as our market projections in the presentations below​.


Noteholder Update (PDF 2.94 MB)

Alliance Pipeline presentation given to noteholders on May 2, 2017. 


Noteholder Update (PDF: 1.7 MB)

Alliance Pipeline presentation given to noteholders on June 27, 2016 .


CIBC Fix​ed Income Conference (PDF: 4.9​ MB)

Alliance Pipeline presentation given at CIBC’s Calgary Fixed Income Conference on Tuesday, April 14, 2015.


North Dakota Pertroleum Council Annual Meeting Presentation (PDF: 1.07 MB)

Presentation by Alliance Pipeline President & CEO Terrance Kutryk to the North Dakota Petroleum Council Conference on September 25, 2014.

BMO Western Cana​dian Tour (PDF: 2.5 MB)

An overview of Alliance and its competitive advantages, including access to premium markets, flexible suite of toll and new services options and customer-focused approach.

2014 B.C. Natural Gas Symposium (PDF: 1.52 MB)

This presentation, given at the 2014 B.C. Natural Gas Symposium, overviews Alliance's key competitive advantages, customer-focused approach and new services offering for 2015 and beyond.

2014 CIBC Energy Infrastructure & Midstream Fixed Income Roundtable (PDF: 1.52 MB)

Alliance Pipeline offers rich gas producers a compelling value proposition, connecting new facilities and advancing its recontracting initiative. This presentation provides an overview of Alliance's competitive advantages, customer-oriented approach and recontracting focus for 2015 and beyond.


2013 LDC Gas Forum – Chicago (PDF: 1.52 MB)

Alliance Pipeline is a different kind of company. Unique attributes of Alliance are highlighted in this presentation including: Alliance as a one stop solution, Tioga Lateral, Alliance Chicago Exchange, and our New Services Framework.

2013 – RBC Capital Market's Montney Investor Day (PDF: 1.95 MB)

Alliance is well situated to compete for rich gas and provides a unique opportunity to achieve market diversification for natural gas and NGLs. This presentation covers the design and capability of the Alliance system relevant to evolving natural gas markets, with a focus on the Karr/Kakwa Region.


Webcast slides: Framework for New Services (PDF: 1.38 MB)

Alliance is optimized to ship rich natural gas, providing many advantages for producers. This presentation provides an overview of these benefits and the new services framework that Alliance is proposing to offer starting December 1, 2015.

2012 LDC Gas Forum - Chicago (PDF: 1.09 MB)

This presentation explores Alliance's competitive advantage, an overview of current pipelines, and Alliance's recontracting efforts. Also highlighted are the Alliance Chicago Exchange and Tioga Lateral Project.

Alliance Pipeline - Monetizing Gas & NGLs: Platt's 6th Annual Rockies Oil & Gas Conference (PDF: 1.83 MB)

The technology and reliability of Alliance's pipelines are detailed in this presentation as well as the advantages of shipping Natural Gas Liquids within the gas stream, reducing producer's capital costs and freeing up constrained resources.


2011 LDC Gas Forum – Canada/IGUA (PDF: 2.81 MB)

This presentation explores the challenges and opportunities for the natural gas market and Alliance's readiness to take advantage of those opportunities as they emerge.

Northeast BC Natural Gas Summit: A New Era of Opportunity (PDF: 980 KB)

This presentation from September 2011 details the opportunities emerging as the Canadian and US natural gas supply grows, and the advantages of working with Alliance Pipeline to supply the Midwestern US with natural gas from BC and Alberta.

Alliance Pipeline – High Energy Expressway to Markets (PDF: 1.13 MB)

Offers background on Alliance Pipeline operations, the benefits and integrity of our system, and the advantages to work with us.

Transporting North Dakota's Natural Gas Resources (PDF: 1.97 MB)

Topics covered include Alliance Pipeline's background and NGL advantage, as well as information about our operations in the Chicago area and North Dakota, including a proposed pipeline connection.


Northeast BC Natural Gas Summit (PDF: 841 KB)

This presentation provides an update of Alliance's 2010 performance as well as prospective new services in Canada and the United States.

Western Energy Alliance (PDF: 1.15 MB)

This 2010 presentation explores the challenges and opportunities faced by natural gas operations in North America, specifically focusing on the potential in North Dakota and Alliance Pipeline's place in the market.

LDC Gas Forum - Midcontinent (PDF: 1.13 MB)

Opportunities arising from unconventional gas are the focus of this 2010 presentation, which also covers Alliance's background and position in the market.

Williston Basin Petroleum Conference: Bakken and Beyond (PDF: 3.7 MB)

This 2010 presentation explores the challenges and opportunities faced by natural gas operations in North America, specifically focusing on the potential in North Dakota and Alliance Pipeline's place in the market.


Northeast BC Natural Gas Summit: Current and Future Market Conditions (PDF: 577 KB)

This presentation from the 2009 Northeast BC Natural Gas Summit details the effect of the recession on market opportunities, the advantages shale gas has in the marketplace, and Alliance's ability to take advantage of those opportunities.

Midwest Supply Update: Alliance Pipeline and Rockies Alliance Pipeline (PDF: 1.35 MB)

This update from September, 2009 highlights the importance of shale gas and details the prospects for the Rockies Alliance pipeline.

Alliance Pipeline Ready to Serve North Dakota's Bakken Producers (PDF: 609 KB)

This August, 2009 presentation details North Dakota's natural gas capacity and Alliance's proposition to serve the Bakken Shale area.​​​​​​​​​​​​​