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At this time, no new property should be needed for the expansion project. Alliance plans to use lands already owned on its existing system footprint between existing stations to safely expand and construct new compressor stations. We are committed to engaging with individuals and groups with an interest in the project and to providing stakeholders – including nearby landowners, occupants, tenants, Indigenous groups, local provincial and local, state and federal government agencies and officials – with timely information about the proposed project.

Survey work is necessary to collect data to ensure the proper placement of and access to the facilities, environmental and cultural information are considered, and our applicable permit applications are complete. These surveys may also be necessary on some properties not directly affected by the construction. In those instances the information will be obtained for reference points only.

Our outreach program will inform stakeholders, including Indigenous groups, about the project and the regulatory process through regular communication and provide opportunities to ask questions or discuss concerns. We are committed to working with stakeholders throughout all phases of the project: planning, construction and operation.​​