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As an interprovincial, interstate and international transporter of natural gas, Alliance falls under the jurisdiction of the National Energy Board (NEB) in Canada and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in the United States. Alliance is committed to protecting the environment. Wherever possible, the new facilities will be designed and constructed to minimize effects to nearby landowners and the environment.

The permitting process for natural gas compressor stations is robust to ensure all needed stakeholder and environmental considerations are addressed. It involves multiple government agencies, providing both direct review and oversight, ensuring a detailed evaluation of the project. Natural gas compressor stations must meet all applicable provincial or federal regulations prior to and during construction and during the operation of the facilities.

Among other things, the regulatory programs are designed to ensure that:

  • The compressor stations will be designed and operated in a safe manner;
  • Compressor station emissions will meet existing air quality standards;
  • Surface and groundwater will remain protected and surface area impacts are mitigated; and
  • The stations will adhere to noise standards.

In Canada, the proposed project will be regulated by the NEB, which is an independent federal agency that acts in the Canadian public interest to promote safety and security, environmental protection, and economic efficiency in the regulation of pipelines, energy development and trade.

The NEB oversees safety for the full life cycle of a project – from approval to construction to operation to abandonment.

The NEB works within a mandate set by Parliament. Canadians may visit the NEB’s website at or contact the NEB toll-free at 1-800-899-1265. Inquiries can also be emailed to In the U.S., environmental as​pects of the construction project are regulated ​by FERC, which will review all plans and conduct its own environmental study of the project. The project development efforts are also closely monitored by federal and state environmental agencies, requiring a number of permits, and we closely adhere to all applicable environmental standards to ensure we minimize our footprint.

In the U.S., FERC’s website is or you may contact them toll-free at 1-866-208-3372. Inquiries can also be emailed to