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Aboriginal Relations


Alliance is committed to having strong working relationships with First Nations communities and organizations in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. These relationships are rooted in respect and manifested in many ways, including regular communication with community members, investing in Aboriginal communities and initiatives, ​and creating opportunity for Aboriginal youth through financial awards for post-secondary education.

Alliance values its mutually beneficial relationships with Aboriginal communities. We believe that the Aboriginal people have a great deal of knowledge to share. We also believe that Aboriginal communities and their industry can benefit from the economic opportunities that are created through responsible energy development.

Alliance Pipeline is firmly committed to maintaining positive relations with First Nations communities and promoting continued partnerships, based on our Aboriginal Relations Value Statement:

A. Value Statement:
Alliance envisions mutually beneficial interactions with Canada’s Aboriginal People that foster both parties’ respective accountabilities and interests.

B. Guiding Principles:
Alliance believes it can achieve this vision through the recognition of Aboriginal Rights; through meaningful and ongoing dialogue with Aboriginal Communities; and, through the mutual acceptance of responsibility.

Alliance believes establishing and maintaining productive and positive relationships with Canada’s Aboriginal People is one of many key components of its long-term business strategy and responsible growth.

Alliance Pipeline recognizes the existence of Aboriginal rights and understands that Aboriginal people come from diverse communities with distinct values, customs, traditions and governance structures. Alliance’s policy will be flexible to acknowledge the legal and socio-economic realities of Aboriginal communities.​​

 We Want to Hear from You

Being part of a community means hearing from your neighbours about what's working (and sometimes what isn't). Here's your chance to tell us how we're doing.