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Public Officials

For Public Officials

Partners in safety

Public officials can impact safety in their development decisions. Consulting with pipeline operators can help avoid delays, increased costs and safety risks.

Emergency Response

Alliance is committed to the safety of our communities

We are dedicated to being a safe, reliable and environmentally responsible transporter of natural gas.

Recognizing a Leak

In the event of a pipeline emergency, know the warning signs

Remember: if it's too hot or too loud, you're too close. If you suspect a leak, immediately leave the area on foot. Call 911 and follow their instructions.

Call or Click Before You Dig

Safety matters. Always call or click ​before you dig.

Unauthorized digging is the number one cause of pipeline related incidents. Always call before undertaking any sort of digging or excavation project.

Working Safely Near Us

Keeping the lines of communication open

Ongoing education and public awareness about the existence of pipelines and how to safely work near them is essential to preventing damage.

While our industry-leading approach to safety is focused on public safety, there are some things that you, as a public official, need to know to help us maintain the safety of your community. Advanced knowledge of pipeline locations, the products transported, whom to contact, and how to work together in the event of an emergency are critical factors to community safety.

To help keep you informed we have created a Guide to Pipeline Safety for Public Officials​​​. Please review this information carefully, share it with your colleagues and keep it handy.​​

Please contact your area's Land Right of Way and Corridor Representative (LRCR) regarding any concerns or questions.​​

Northwest Alberta
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Central and East-Central Alberta
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