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Proactive Pipelining

Alliance Pipeline - Proactive Pipelining

Alliance Pipeline is committed to maintaining a safe and efficient natural gas transportation system. To meet this commitment, Alliance executes an in-line inspection (ILI) program to investigate the condition of the pipeline. The ILI tools travel inside the pipe, measuring the condition of the pipe wall to determine if anomalous conditions exist that require further investigation and assessment. Since the beginning of operations in 2000, two system-wide inspections have been completed, with completion of the third scheduled inspection anticipated by the end of 2015. The frequency and results of these inspections is industry-leading. As a result of Alliance’s integrity management program, in both Canada and the U.S., regulatory standards have not required any repairs on the pipeline.

In addition to the assessments conducted as part of the ILI program, Alliance uses integrated data sets comprised of information from other integrity programs and operational activities to further investigate and validate the pipeline’s condition. By integrating data sets and assessing the potential for interacting threats on the pipeline, the Alliance team is able to develop and optimize integrity programs to continue the safe and efficient operation of the pipeline.

Maintaining the integrity of our system further extends to our employees and communities. Ongoing education and public awareness about the existence of pipelines and how to safely live and work near them is essential to effective damage prevention. Learn more here.​