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Proactive Pipelining - Geohazard Management Program


In a continued effort to uphold operational integrity, Alliance Pipeline’s Geohazard Management Program (GMP) proactively monitors any potential threats due to water crossings or slope stability issues.  The risk-based integrity program identifies, assesses and mitigates sites when necessary and consistently maintains the integrity of our system.

The Alliance GMP has been effectively managing geohazards across the pipeline system since 2007.  With approximately 200 annual ground inspections and monthly pipeline flyovers, Alliance is able to maintain a safe and secure line with few required repairs.

To prevent issues, the GMP protects the pipeline system by stabilizing at-risk water crossings or mitigating landslide or other slope stability threats.  For example, the bank of Windfall Creek near Whitecourt AB, was stabilized by the GMP to prevent the encroachment of the channel towards the pipeline.


Encroaching creek poses threat to Pipeline                                    Bank stabilization installed to halt the creek encroachment

Alliance is committed to upholding the highest standards of pipeline safety and environmental stewardship. The GMP continues to go above and beyond industry expectations through consistent inspection and monitoring of the Alliance system. This program continues to be an essential part of maintaining the safety of our pipeline system, as well as the communities in which we operate.