Our Company

Pipeline systems are the safest method of transporting hydrocarbon products. Because maintaining the safety and integrity of the relatively new Alliance Pipeline system began during the design phase, we had an advantage.

When Alliance went into service in 2000, it incorporated the numerous advances in pipeline technology and design that had occurred prior to construction of our system. For example, our pipeline walls are 20 to 50 percent thicker than the walls of most other operating pipelines, which helps prevent damage from external forces and reduces the possibility of failure caused by corrosion. Alliance’s wall thickness also enables our ability to ship gas at higher compression. The pipeline is remotely operated and monitored from a central site.

The Alliance Pipeline system is very different from its predecessors. Commercially, the Alliance system combines richer gas composition, which is easier to compress, and high-pressure operations. This unique ability to increase compression of the rich gas in our pipeline creates a “dense gas”, allowing producers to ship more of the energy they produce and to receive greater compensation for their product.

Alliance is also an active member on a number of technical committees and industry associations dedicated to continual improvements in pipeline integrity and operations.

As technology evolves and knowledge improves, so will Alliance.