Alliance Chicago Exchange (ACE Hub)

The Alliance Chicago Exchange “ACE Hub” is a market hub offering the following services:

Enhanced Title Transfers

An administrative, no-charge service that enables gas transported by FT-1 shippers to the ACE Hub to transfer title to others for:

  • delivery;
  • title transfers to another shipper; and/or
  • nomination of the gas under a PAL transaction

This service is offered to any market participants who execute a Title Transfer Agreement.


Interruptible Wheeling (IW) service provides transportation between points in the ACE Hub via displacement. IW service is nominated between two ACE Hub points and is contingent upon scheduled gas receipts at delivery points in the ACE Hub with interconnecting parties and the availability of capacity at the requested ACE Hub delivery point. The charge for IW service will be based on the applicable rate and quantity of service scheduled each day.

Park and Loan

This service provides the ability to park gas or obtain a loan of gas utilizing the pipeline system’s operationally available line pack capacity. Alliance proposes the following PAL services:

  • Term PAL, a service subject to the operational availability of line pack capacity. In a Term PAL agreement, Alliance will reserve a certain amount of line pack capacity that a shipper will be charged a reservation-type rate on a daily basis for the agreed-upon quantity and duration of the Term PAL transaction.

Please contact our Commercial Services team to sign-up.

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Pricing Desk
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For more information regarding ACE applications, contact Alliance Market Services.