Apply for Funding

​Alliance Pipeline’s community investments are guided by a core set of criteria. We consider donation and sponsorship opportunities in communities where Alliance Pipeline operates that are:

  • Within a 20-kilometre (10-mile) radius of our pipeline right-of-way. View a list of communities we support
  • Of prime importance to the community
  • Beneficial to the greatest possible number of people
  • Significant to the long-term interests of the community
  • Supportive of one of our three core areas​ that we view as integral for a sustainable community

Examples of qualified organizations

  • Community-based emergency services and organizations focused on safety planning and education
  • Organizations focused on education, mentorship, and building potential in youth
  • Social service agencies and organizations focused on empowering individuals to achieve their full potential
  • Environmental organizations with a focus on education and stewardship, habitat remediation and conservation, and energy transition
  • Indigenous communities and organizations focused on honoring Indigenous Peoples and culture​

​​Ineligible organizations and funding requests

Alliance Pipeline does not fund:

  • Organizations discriminating on the basis of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation
  • Requests that benefit individuals
  • Religious, political organizations or special interest groups
  • Recreation or sports organizations and events
  • Advertising, memberships, ticket sales, or lotteries
  • Mass-mailed or non-addressed solicitation
  • Endowment programs or funds
  • Crowd-sourced funding campaigns such as GoFundMe
  • Memorial campaigns
  • Project, program or any property recognizing or named for an individual
  • Statues or monuments
  • Travel-related costs​

​To apply

Alliance Pipeline utilizes the Enbridge Fueling Futures grant application to receive and process grant applications. Applications are reviewed by Alliance Pipeline community investment team members and funding decisions support programs and initiatives that directly benefit communities along the Alliance Pipeline right-of-way.

The online application form will guide you through the questions you need to answer in order for us to make a decision. To prepare in advance, please read the instructions before applying and review the list of eligible communities in Canada and the United States to ensure your organization qualifies. When you are ready, launch the online application below.

First responder organizations applying for a Safe Community First Responder grant should review the program guidelines for details about eligibility and funding. When completing the online application, select ‘Safe Community First Responder’ as the applicable grant stream for your request. Organizations that are invited by Alliance Pipeline to apply for a Safe Community First Responder grant should use the link provided in the email invitation.

Community groups looking for a giveaway or fundraiser auction item can apply for an Alliance Pipeline auto safety kit. Complete our online application and select “In-Kind” when prompted.

Apply Online

Decisions are typically made within eight weeks of receipt of a complete grant application, although decisions on major funding requests may take longer. Funding decisions for Safe Community First Responder grants take 8 to 12 weeks at minimum.

Organizations receiving funding may be asked to provide a final report detailing the results and benefits achieved through the funded project, program, or campaign.