Our Focus Areas

Safe Communities

The safety of the communities near our pipeline, and the people who live and work along our right-of-way, remains our highest priority. Alliance Pipeline supports local safety initiatives and organizations that help make our communities safer places to live.​
  • Safety planning and education: Investments that support community safety planning and preparedness, as well as safety educational programs. Our grants have supported community safety needs such as crime prevention programs, youth safety camps, AEDs in public spaces and safety education.
  • Humanitarian aid: Provides support to the Red Cross and other organizations to assist with natural disaster relief and other humanitarian aid around the world.
  • Safe Community First Responder Program: We support local fire departments, ambulance services, and other emergency responders with funds for safety equipment, professional training, and safety education programs. Applications for the program are by invitation only. Learn more​.
​Vibrant Communities
Vibrant communities are places that offer opportunities for every citizen. Opportunities to be enriched by cultural experiences, and opportunities to learn, grow and lead.

We support programs and projects that are inclusive, future-thinking and help bring out the best in people. Our investments focus on:

  • Empowering people to achieve their full potential: Programs and projects that are inclusive, build capacity and support people in their time of need, helping them ​achieve their full potential.
  • Building potential in youth: Youth initiatives and programs that empower young people and are focused on education, leadership, life skills and capacity development.
  • Celebrating culture and community: Initiatives and programs that enable communities to celebrate culture, tradition, arts, and community.
  • Honoring Indigenous Peoples and Cultures: Initiatives and programs that recognize Alliance’s role in reconciliation and support the sharing and preservation of cultural customs and traditions. ​

Sustainable Communities

Natural resources and green spaces are precious to every community, and we recognize that the way we care for our air, land and water matters to everyone.

We support sustainability projects that help improve, grow and nurture our environment, such as:​

  • Environmental education: Organizations that provide educational outreach programs that focus on conserving natural resources and protecting biodiversity.
  • Habitat conservation and remediation: Investments that make a positive contribution to the resilience of an ecosystem.
  • Supporting energy transition: Initiatives and programs that provide education, awareness, and work to increase energy transition of our partners and their operations.