Public Officials (US)

While our industry-leading approach to safety is focused on public safety, there are some things that you, as a public official, need to know to help us maintain the safety of your community. Advanced knowledge of pipeline locations, the products transported, whom to contact, and how to work together in the event of an emergency are critical factors to community safety.

To help keep you informed, we have created a Pipeline Safety and Emergency Information guide for public officials. Please review this information carefully, share it with your colleagues and keep it handy.

Please contact your regional Community & Indigenous Engagement representative regarding any questions or concerns.​​

Alliance North (North Dakota, northern Minnesota)
Wendy Pank
Advisor, Community Engagement
Arrowhead Office
Minot, ND
(701) 340-5451

Alliance South (southern Minnesota, Iowa)
John Eisele
Sr. Advisor, Community Engagement
Edina Office
Edina, MN​​
(612) 710-9962

Alliance South (Illinois)
Emily Cutka
Sr. Advisor, Community Engagement
Shererville Office
Shererville, IN​
(219) 384-1347