Environmental Management

Environmental Commitment

Alliance is committed to designing, building and operating our facilities in ways that attain high standards of environmental protection. Our objective is not only to meet or exceed applicable laws and regulations, but to ensure environmental responsibility is integral to how we work and make decisions.

Our Environmental Policy is endorsed by our Leadership Team and displayed prominently throughout the company. All Alliance employees, consultants and contractors are required to comply with the policy.

Environmental Management System

Alliance’s Environmental Management System is a comprehensive system of policies, programs and procedures developed to manage environmental issues related to pipeline operation, new pipeline and facility construction, and facility upgrades in both Canada and the US. It is intended to provide guidance for Alliance employees and contractors regarding proper environmental practices while working at an Alliance facility or worksite.


Alliance is committed to protecting the environment and being good stewards wherever we operate.


Knowing how to recognize a natural gas leak can help keep you, your community, and the environment safe.