Our Design

​​​​​​When we built the Alliance pipeline, we used the most advanced pipeline design and technology available, laying the foundation for a damage prevention program that successfully combines a wide range of processes to keep our pipeline operating safely and efficiently.

The Alliance mainline system is made of high-strength steel and a heavy-wall pipe that is thicker than most other operating pipelines, making it more resistant to damage. Our pipeline is externally coated for additional protection and internally coated to help improve the flow of natural gas. We buried the pipeline deeper than other systems to reduce the likelihood of damage caused by unauthorized digging around our facilities.

We also follow effective operating procedures and monitor the entire system around the clock from our Gas Control Centre in Calgary, Alberta. Regularly scheduled maintenance ensures our system stays reliable and helps ensure safety for our employees and communities along the pipeline.


Alliance Pipeline is committed to the safety of the people who live and work around our pipeline.