Credit Requirements and Financial Assurances

  • Alliance Pipeline Limited Partnership operates the Canadian portion of the pipeline.
  • Alliance Pipeline L.P. operates the United States portion of the pipeline.

Shipper Credit Requirements

Alliance Pipeline Limited Partnership – Outlined in Article 26 of CER approved General Terms and Conditions

Alliance Pipeline L.P. – Outlined in Section 22 of FERC approved Tariff

In the United States the FERC has provided criteria by which the temporary capacity release program is governed. Consequently, temporary shippers must meet the same credit criteria that firm shippers are subject to.

Audited Financial Statements Requirement

All shippers must provide audited yearly financial statements and unaudited quarterly financial statement as part of the ongoing credit monitoring process. If a shipper does not produce audited financial statements, the shipper must either provide financial assurances or Alliance Pipeline L.P.’s standard form parental guarantee must be provided by an affiliate that produces audited financials on behalf of the new shipper.


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