Excavators (US)

As part of our public awareness and pipeline damage prevention program, and because we value public safety, we have developed a Pipeline Safety and Emergency Information guide for excavators and contractors​​ working along our rights-of-way.​

We want to ensure you have information about how to conduct excavation work safely near our pipeline to protect employees, the public and the environment. Damage prevention is a shared responsibility and by working together, we can ensure everyone goes home safe.​​

Please contact your area’s Land Right of Way and Corridor Representative (LRCR) regarding any concerns or questions.​

North Dakota​​
Matt Daly
Telephone: 701-845-1929

Randy Phillips
Telephone: 507-625-2404 (ext. 3435)

Paul Kleist
Telephone: 563-652-0532

Chris Cleveland
Telephone: 815-370-3520​​​​​​​​​