Emergency Management and Response

Alliance Pipeline is dedicated to being a safe, reliable and environmentally responsible transporter of natural gas. While regular maintenance, technology and continuous monitoring and security measures are critical elements of how we keep the pipeline safe, comprehensive emergency management and response planning is how we address and minimize impacts in the unlikely event of a pipeline incident.

Alliance has in place a robust emergency management program to respond to any sort of potential pipeline related incident. As part of this, Alliance has developed and maintains an Emergency Response Plan (ERP). The ERP is a detailed document that provides the direction, protocols and tools necessary to effectively manage an incident response, with a priority to protect the safety of those living and working in the incident area.

Alliance’s ERP is based on the Incident Command System (ICS), an internationally recognized emergency response model used by most first responders. Our ERP is augmented by area specific response plans that align with the unique needs of communities along our pipeline.


In the event of a pipeline emergency call: