Landowners (US)

Safety is Alliance Pipeline’s top priority and we want you to have all the information you need to live and work safely around our system. Our Pipeline Safety and Emergency Information guides for nearby communities and adjacent landowners provide information about why pipelines are important, and how to work and live safely around our pipeline system.​

Landowner Inquiries​

Alliance Pipeline has assigned Land Right of Way and Corridor Representatives (LRCR’s) to our field offices to assist with landowner issues that may arise. Their job is to meet and work with you regarding your concerns or questions. ​​

Please contact your area’s LRCR if you need assistance.

North Dakota​​
Matt Daly
Telephone: 701-845-1929

Randy Phillips
Telephone: 507-625-2404 (ext. 3435)

Paul Kleist
Telephone: 563-652-0532

Chris Cleveland
Telephone: 815-370-3520​​​​​​​​​