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Alliance Pipeline Agreements

Temporary Release

Used When: A new shipper wishes to bid on US capacity releases posted on Alliance's Electronic Bulletin Board.

Parties to the agreement: US Replacement shipper and Alliance Pipeline L.P.

Agreement Contains: Legal entity information and provides the ability to create supplementary agreements each time a new award is made on the Electronic Bulletin Board.

Liability for obligations: The replacement shipper is primarily contractually liable for any obligations incurred under the Master Capacity Release Agreement (MCRA), however the releasing shipper must continue to maintain Alliance's credit requirements.

Alliance Credit Requirements: The same credit requirements that apply to permanent shippers as outlined in Alliance Pipeline's FERC Tariff. Before an award is made by Alliance, the temporary shipper must have a credit limit sufficient to cover the annual obligations created under the new release.

FERC Posting Requirements: All temporary United States Releases are governed by the Capacity Release section of our FERC Tariff. Temporary releases must be posted on Alliance's Bulletin Board for a period of time.

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Permanent Release

Used When: A Canadian and/or United States firm shipper wishes to assign all of their rights and obligations for all or a portion of their capacity under their existing TSA and/or TA respectively which expire in December 2015 to a new legal entity.

Parties to the agreement:

  • Canada: Releasing shipper, replacement shipper, Alliance Pipeline Limited Partnership, and Computershare Trust Company of Canada as Canadian Security Trustee for Alliance's lending syndicate. (TSA)
  • United States: Releasing shipper, replacement shipper, Alliance Pipeline L.P., and Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company of New York as United States Security Trustee for Alliance's lending syndicate. (TA).

Assignment & Novation Agreement Contains: Legal entity information, recitals, and formal company contact.

Liability for obligations: After completion of the assignment, the assignor shipper is released from all obligations incurred after the effective date and the assignee shipper remains liable for all obligations created under the TSA and/or TA which expires in December 2015.

Alliance Credit Requirements: Alliance’s Common Agreements underpinning our project financing require that Alliance's lending syndicate consent to any permanent assignments. The new firm shipper must be of equivalent or higher credit quality when contrasted with the releasing shipper in order for the assignment to occur.

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Interruptible Release

Excess capacity over our contracted capacity is Authorized Overun Service (AOS) and is available daily on a prorate basis to our existing firm shippers.

Your company may at any time request to be designated an Interruptible Service shipper by executing our Interruptible Service Transportation Services Agreement in Canada and our Interruptible Service Transportation Agreement in the United States as well as meeting Alliance's Interruptible Service credit criteria

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Other Required Agreements

Electronic Contracting Agreement - This agreement specifically references section 37 of our FERC tariff and enables Alliance Pipeline L.P. and the shipper to transact business electronically instead of by paper copy

Extraction Agreements - Temporary Shippers & Permanent Shippers.

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