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 Who we are

The Alliance Pipeline system consists of a 3,848-kilometre (2,391-mile) integrated Canadian and U.S. natural gas transmission pipeline system, delivering rich natural gas from the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and the Willis​ton Basin to the Chicago market hub. The United States portion of the system consists of approximately 967 miles of infrastructure including the 80-mile Tioga Lateral in North Dakota. The system has been in commercial service since December 2000 and, through an innovative suite of customer-focused services, delivers an average of 1.6 billion standard cubic feet (or 45.3 million standard cubic metres) of natural gas per day.​​

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Alliance Capacity Expansion Project

Strong market interest in increasing our system’s delivery capabilities has prompted Alliance to explore a potential capacity expansion. Existing capacity on Alliance is nearly fully utilized every day, and customers tell us they need more transportation service to the Chicago market hub.

As a result, Alliance is considering the addition of compression facilities on land we already own to increase our system capacity. We do not anticipate any new pipeline will be needed. We are in the process of formalizing market commitments (through a binding Open Season) for the capacity expansion.

For more information about the commercial basis of the Alliance Capacity Expansion Project, please visit Doing Business With Us. More information about the proposed project can be found in the Projects section of our website.

Pending regulatory approvals and construction, the Alliance Capacity Expansion Project will enable our system to carry more clean-burning natural gas from producers in Canada and the U.S. to where it is needed.​​

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